Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Rains are Back

Once again I have woken to find a lake in my front yard!  It didn't stop raining all night!  But never mind, the trees and plants all look very happy!

Lots of water everywhere

Have been busy baking while the rain pours down.  It feels nice and cosy in the kitchen with the oven going to keep out the damp!  Made some yummy Pumpkin and Pecan cup cakes.  Invented the recipe and they turned out delicious!

Pumpkin and Pecan Cupcake

I also experimented with some poached pear halves, adding some cranberries, sultanas, mixed peel and toasted walnuts, which I then wrapped and baked in Puff pastry.  They were so yummy with a dollop of yoghurt!

Pear Parcel

Will be trying to keep dry for the next week at least!  Hope the sun comes out soon  .......shine on......... 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Amazing 'Stuffed Christmas Pumpkin'

Wow what a busy time of year!  I wanted to share with you all, the fantastic 'Stuffed Christmas Pumpkin'  I cooked for Christmas dinner.  Being  Vegetarian I am always on the lookout for something yummy and healthy.
Not being at home, but visiting  Melbourne for Christmas, my Jamie Oliver iphone app, once again proved priceless.
That is were I found the great recipe pictured below.  You will find it in the 'Jamie's Christmas with Bells On'  pack.  
It proved a great hit with everyone at lunch!  I used almost all organic ingredients, which I had great fun buying at Vic Market on Christmas eve.

'Stuffed Christmas Pumpkin'

Vic Market Christmas Eve

Who would have thought that we would have a white Christmas in Melbourne, well here's proof below!

Fitzroy, Melbourne, Christmas Day!

I loved my time in Victoria catching up with family and friends. I walked through Melbourne's glorious parks and gardens.  Visited its Art  Galleries and Museums.  The flowers in the Queen Victoria, and Exhibition Gardens were wonderful.  What a difference these green areas make to a city!

Queen Victoria Gardens
Garden at the Exhibition Buildings

One last highlight of my trip was a visit to Hepburn Springs, where I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon floating about in their lovely pool!

Hepburn Spa
Keep smiling!