Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A begining

This is the begining of my blog.  I have been reading other peoples blogs for quite some time so thought, hey why not start my own.  Somewhere to share my thoughts, creativity etc.  So this is a start to something new for me, so to begin with please accept my apologies for my lack of computer skill!  I am out to learn something new, which is exciting for me and I also hope someone out there will also enjoy my journey into the world of blogging!

I have been busy online exploring ideas for Christmas Baking.  Time to get organised with ideas and supplies for Christmas Gifts.

So far I have purchased a lovely set of Snowflake cutters from 'Cake Deco', 
 The box contains 5 snowflake cookie cutters, ranging from 1 7/8" to 3 1/4" and includes 2 texture mats.  It  looks great, so should be able to come up with some interesting cookies. Will keep you in the loop as to how they go.  Have also been toying with some cupcake ideas as well,  and I am considering inventing maybe a Chocolate mud and black cherry cupcake with royal icing, which i hope will have the ability to stay moist  and travel well!

My Garden is looking amazing at the moment, the gardenias are flowering, also my Native Tumeric which has stunning purpley pink flowers. Th purple beans in the vegie garden are on there second flush, yum yum, and my ginger and turmeric are stuarting to bud up. 

It is staring to really warm up here so the lettuces etc are going to seed, luckily some little babies are starting to appear. It is quite a challenge in a hot climate to keep a good supply of salad greens.  There is one bed which has hundreds of new Bok Choy seedlings which have self seeded from the last crop so they will be very appreciated over the next month or so.  My main task now is to keep what i have growing in the vegie garden moist,  as we have not had decent rain for quite a while and the soil is starting to dry out.  So thank you to my bore which keeps the water coming!
Happy gardening!

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