Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cars Cars Cars!

cars, cars, cars!

Christmas is coming up fast, I have been busy baking for a little friends 4th Birthday.  We thought a cars theme would be fun, so have been busy making gumpaste cars for on top of cupcakes, and also cars cookies!  

The party was great fun and the cookie cutter came in handy for making watermelon cars, and fairy bread cars. 

watermelon cars

cars cookies

little puddings

Once again I have been knitting, this time I made Christmas Pudding decorations for my grandchildren, the pattern is from  Jean Greenhowe's book 'Traditional Favourites   

The children loved them and they are now proudly hanging on the christmas tree

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Rain has finally arrived!

      The rain has finally arrived.  The garden is smiling, especially the fruit trees!  I have been busy tending to the veggie patch, and have planted some carrot seed.  It is a root day according to the Biodynamic calendar I follow, and this indicates that it is a good day for root crops to be planted. In my gardening experience I have had great success following the principles of Biodynamics, I guess the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes!  Or in this case the carrots! I have also harvested some lovely Turmeric which has a deep orange colour. The Turmeric is starting to awaken from its sleep and the leaves are popping up through the soil once again!

My Cecil Brunner Rose is in flower, always a delight. It's distinctive fragrance brings back so many childhood memories for me. 

It is lovely to see the beautiful Delonix Regia all in flower.  Everywhere I go around town I see these magnificent Poinciana trees in full flower.  What a delight they are, the lovely umbrella shape and the magnificent flowers in varying shades of red.

Flowering Poinciana

I have been working on a good cupcake recipe for when my granddaughter arrives to spend a short Holiday here with Grandma!  I came up with a strawberry recipe which utilises the delicious strawberries I have growing in the garden.  Everyday for weeks I have been able to pick enough strawberries for my breakfast yogurt, and on some days also for some baking!  I am thinking a basic vanilla recipe with a swirl of strawberry syrup stirred through the batter before baking!  Will be checking the Cup Cake Blog for inspiration.

On the knitting front I have just completed a small doll for my baby grand daughter to put under the christmas tree!  The basic pattern I used came from Jean Greenhowes book 'Traditional Favourites'.  One can find all the books at

little darling
My next project will be knitted Christmas Pudding decorations for the grandchildren to hang on the Chrismas Tree.  Will have a photo of the completed puddings on the next blog.  Bye for now, and Shine On!