Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lots of Sunshine

The sun is shining and its hot, very hot!  Everyday, whatever task is at hand is undertaken while dripping perspiration!

I have been busy with a few projects.  First I have been making little Bunnies for my Granddaughter Hayley.  I made the exact same bunnies 8 years ago for my other  granddaughter Emily.  I am putting them in a handmade basket with some easter chocolate treats, yet to be decided on.  As I have to send my gifts a long distance that takes at least 5 days, I have to consider carefully my choices!

taggy blanket
Also I have been making a tag blanket for Hayley and I was pleased with the finished product.

I have sent the blanket off in the mail, I hope she likes it,

Shine On.........till next time