Thursday, 10 November 2011

Frilly Pants

Today I have almost finished the frilly pants for Hayley.  Not sure but I am thinking perhaps a bow!

for Hayley

I am about to start my next project and I am considering a top to match! And maybe a hat.

It is so hot here, but a pleasant breeze blows through the window over the sewing machine in the afternoons, lovely!

The garden continues to dry out and still no rain.  Watering is  becoming more time consuming.
It is full moon today so I am hoping this will stimulate some rain!  I am not planting any vegies at the moment, I will wait for the rains that will come.

It is the 11/11/11 today and I wonder what special meaning this has for some.  For me It reminds me of those brave souls who endured the horrors of War, and those who are now affected by War.  Let us hope as human beings we eventually evolve beyond using War as a way to resolve our differences! 
My Dad!
............................. Lest we forget!......................

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